This page includes a wonderful selection of fishing boat photographs with links to Hartlepool or have visited Hartlepool over the years. Some images we have included are often difficult to find so we are extremely grateful to those people who have sent them to us to be included.


A selection of picturesque postcards from throughout the years showing the Fish Quay as it used to be - and thanks to those avid collectors who provided them for us.

"Our Tracy Jane" (HL 95) was built in Peterhead, Scotland in 1947 and seen here sailing down the channel towards the Fish Quay with the ancient Town Wall and St. Hilda's Church as a picturesque backdrop. Photograph © copyright unknown.

"Ben Tarbert" (HL 21) in Hartlepool. We are not certain what year this was taken but it came from the collection of Owen Corrigan. Photograph © copyright unknown.

Another rare photograph of "Ben Tarbert" (HL 21) from the collection of Michael Boagey and used with thanks.


The "Avondale" (HL 112) seen here returning to Hartlepool after going out to help a local crabpot man to bring his equipment back to port due to poor weather. On the right is "Fairy Cove" (HL 10) and "Ben Tarbert" (HL 21) at the Old Ice House corner in the early 1960's. By clicking on the smaller pictures on this page you will be able to view them in a slightly larger size.

The "Avondale" (HL 112) is seen here brand new from the builder, James Noble, of Fraserburgh in Scotland, arriving in Hartlepool for the first time in 1957. Photograph from Michael Boagey.

The photograph of the left is the Hartlepool registered "Clara Sutton" (HL 88). On the right is the vessel "Mary Margreth" (VA 157) which was registered in Sandavágur in the Faroe Islands. She was built in 1917 as "Clara Sutton" (HL 88) and renamed as "Mary Margreth" in 1943. She was stranded and sunk in 1957. Thanks to Michael Boagey for the background on this vessel.

The "David Helen" (HL 6) heading into port with the ancient Town Wall and St. Hilda's Church making a beautiful backdrop and, on the right, "Eileen" (WY 34) taken in 1963. The building in the background was, at one time, Hartlepool Public Library and later to become a maritime museum.

This is "Eileen" near the ferry landing in old Hartlepool in 1963. Many local fishermen used this area to either clean the bottom of the boat (painting) or perhaps have some other work undertaken. It is a sandy beach area - not rocks - and was quite popular with the fleet to use. "Eileen" (WY 34) was also registered at one time in Hartlepool as HL 146. Thanks to Michael Boagey for the photograph and information.

"Embrace" (KY 43) and "Dorothy" (HL 186) and a view of the original Fish Quay taken in 1985.

The Ice House Corner taken in 1958. We are told that the other vessels on this photograph include "Longscar" (HL16), "Maruel" (HL71), the "Brighter Hope" a former lifeboat, "The Pride of Redcar" (HL70), "Strandby" (HL7), "Supreme Endeavour" (HL109) and "Fiona Fay" (HL113). The photograph on the right is "Janet" (HL6) heading out to sea in 1958. This vessel was the very first boat which was skippered by Michael Boagey's father Freddie.

"Julante" (HL157) heading into port and an image of the Old Fish Quay on the right.

Launch day for "Longscar" (HL 16) photographed, we think, in Aberdeen and another rare photograph of the Old Fish Quay as it was.

"Prince Igor" (HL61) is probably the oldest vessel on this page. She was built in Denmark in 1890. "Progress" (HL189) is a bit more modern.

The photo above left shows the "Cleveland" (HL93) which was skippered by Rodney Sheader, then later Laurie Reynolds, both Hartlepool men. On the right is "Respondo" (HL 63) which was taken in the 1950's with other trawlers in background at the now Deep Water Berth, taking bunkers (coal) on board.

The "Maureen" (HL 81) from Hartlepool was previously owned and skippered by Peter Coull from Billingham. The "Strandby" (HL 7) was moved from Hartlepool to South Shields and, eventually, ending up in rather poor condition in Ramsgate, Kent. She was owned and skippered by Joe Leighton and then George Kendall - both from Hartlepool.

The Hartlepool registered vessel "MK Noer" (HL84) returning to port after a successful fishing trip.

"Sarah Ann" (HL 24) was built in Whitby in 1967 and was first also known as "Chelcie Ann" from 1990 to 2002 and "Sarah Ann" from 2002 to 2006.

The "Castle Eden" (HL 115) was one of four vessels built, by James Noble of Fraserburgh in 1958, for Hartlepool owners. She caught fire and sunk mid 1960's.

"Adaptable" (HL 41) was built for Robin Robinson and Tommy Raw who was a Hartlepool newsagent.

Three fishing boats tied up on the Pilot's Pier. How the scene has changed at this location.

Four ladies on the quayside admiring the "Scema" (HL79) which was built in Buckie between 1957 and 1958 by Jones Buckie. It was sold to North Shields in the mid 80's but is now scrapped.

We might be short of a few names here but we have HL 9, HL 87, HL 83, a vessel named Hobo and HL 156 in the centre.

This gathering of fishing boats dates back to 1983. HL 192 was "Silver Moon" with Clive Matherson as skipper and owner. He never went to sea and got another boat called "George Duncan" and again did not go to sea very often. We don't know anything about HL 185 but "Cygnus" (HL 107) was skippered and owned by Alan Cook. His family had the fish business and old smoke house. "Scorpion" is HL183 which was skippered and owned by Keith Fletcher. The vessel with the "S" on her bow, we think, is "Progress" (HL 189) - if so it was skippered and owned by Peter Stead. Thanks to Michael Boagey for this information.

Another early view of the Fish Quay and the vessels shown here are, left to right, are Kristiona (HL111), Avondale (HL112) and Scema (HL79). The red boats in the background are Danish Industrial Trawlers which were used for sprat fishing. Thanks to Michael Boagey for the photograph and information.

This photograph, also from the collection of Michael Boagey, was taken in the late 1960s and shows Garland (INS 288) and Acacia (BF 199) in the foreground. The vessel on the extreme left, partially shown, is Maruel (HL71).

The Wood Quay, Hartlepool. The vessel on the extreme right is the "Fairy Cove" (HL 10).

We appreciate this photograph has been used at the top of the page within our postcard collection but as we have a few historical facts about it, we thought we'd include it here for you to read. It shows the Scottish fisher lassies on one of their annual visits to the Fish Quay during the Herring season. It shows part of the process of the rapid despatch of fish to various parts of the country via the railway network. The old station on Northgate can be seen in the background with a steam engine ready to leave. The photograph, taken by Alfred Price, is used with thanks to George Colley and is from his book "A Hartlepool Portrait" which was published in 1995.

This was spotted on the hull of a fishing boat at the Fish Quay. No explanation is needed here I don't think!

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